Thursday, November 30, 2006

Diagonals and triangles

OK, this is a drawing of a baseball batter and probably should not be titled "Diagonals and triangles." It has that name because it demonstrates a couple of the things that I have learned about drawing over the years. First, the diagonal like conveys excitement, action and movement to the viewer. (This is not a new revelation, of course. Artists have known this for centuries.) Second, for realistic portrayals, capturing light and shadows is essential, and the artist needs to think in terms of triangles. This little drawing has lots of triangles, and when I am drawing something like this, I am constantly reminding myself that I should be thinking about triangles.

11 x 14, Pencil on Bristol board

Price: Unlisted

About the drawing

This is something I did in about an hour last night as I was listening to one of the jazz stations on my XM radio. I was inspired by a picture I had seen in this week's Sports Illustrated. I was fascinated by the movement of the player and wondered if I could capture some of that movement in this rendering.

This drawing is not listed for sale, but if anyone is interested in having it, let me know.

(This is an original piece, not a print.)

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