Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heads and faces

A couple of months ago I posted a link to some heads and faces that I had put onto Google photos, just to see how things worked.

I have taken some of those drawings (and some others that I have scanned since then) and have put together a video with some music. Then I uploaded the video to BrightCove, YouTube and Motionbox, just to see how things works.

Here are links to the BrightCove and YouTube videos.

The Motionbox video is shown above. I like it because because it was the fastest upload and quickest to get optimized, and the tagging feature -- which you can use right on the site -- is very cool. I continue to be less than impressed with the quality of the YouTube video. I like the other two much better. Still, the YouTube will probably get the most hits. We'll see in a few days.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

(By the way, the music on the video is licensed by, a great site for a variety of music from folks you didn't know about. The group playing is Heavy Mellow.)

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