Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back to the drawing board

I stopped posting on this site about a year ago when we got First Inning Artworks up and running, but I have found that this web log is still drawing some traffic, so I thought I would start putting things here again. I hope those who show up will enjoy what's here -- and, of course, I appreciate the attention.

Much of the art efforts this fall -- what there have been -- have been devoted to some pen and ink drawings of some 19th century guys.

  • William Tecumseh Sherman

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

  • John Singleton Mosby

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Charles Dickens

You will see a few of these guys floating around this post.

These were completed to support some posts that I did for another web log: the Writing Wright. And, of course, I will be using them elsewhere.

A good friend and artist of considerable note told me one time that pen and ink is the most honest medium. He's right. Even line is visible. Nothing is hidden.

I find it extremely satisfying as a medium, and when I am away from it for a while and then return, I always think, "What took me so long to come back to it?"

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