Wednesday, October 04, 2006

OK, back to football for the moment . . . Power Against Power

We're into the baseball postseason -- the most exciting time of the year for the baseball fan. Still, we need to glance at football at least for a moment. Some big contests are on tap over the next couple of weeks. Attention should be paid.

11 x 14, Watercolor on Bristol board

Price: $75

About the painting

Like other paintings posted earlier (here, here, and here), this is a watercolor rendered in a loose, suggestive style. A lot here is left to the viewer's imagination. The big question is: Who wins this contest -- the guy in red or the guys in orange. The orange boys seem to have the upper hand, but we are looking at the middle of the play. We can only imagine (as we should) what happens next.

(This is an original piece, not a print.)

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