Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ready to deliver

The summer baseball season is winding down, and the sport is about to enter its second season, the playoffs and World Series. Over the past few years, these October games have produced some gripping moments -- memories of which have carried some of diehard fans through the winter and into spring training.

11 x 14, Watercolor on 90 lb. India watercolor paper

Price: $95

About the painting

The pitcher is the most important player on the field. And this is particularly true in the playoffs. Mediocre pitching can trump good batting, and it usually does. This is a truism of the game that dates back to the 19th century.

In honor of that, the painting above is offered today.

It was inspired by a famous picture of the incomparable Christy Mathewson, the New York Giants righthander who defined the best qualities of the game -- skill, competition, and a genuine sense of humility to the game itself.

This is another use of the 90 lb. India watercolor paper that I recently acquired. (See note on the painting below.)

(This is an original piece, not a print.)

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